Saturday, November 8, 2014

When It Happened

There are so many words in our language that tend to get garbled and confused over time. (Yes, I know. Word are inanimate and aren't sentient. They don't think, therefore, they don't get confused. Humans get confused!) Oh well. There are a lot of words that get used but not in the right place.

"Then" is one such word. Poor little thing. It's trying to indicate a particular point in time. It happened "then" and not "now." It will happen "then" (meaning, at that point in time) and not any sooner.

It's related to a point in time. It's sort of related to "when" as in the answer to the question, "When will it happen?"

Response: "At 3 PM and not any sooner. Then we will have a good time."

You see the relationship? "W" simply took off his wrapper and then stood tall to show off his broad shouldered "T".

Why in the world am I making such a big deal about this beleaguered word? Because in some places it gets confused with a word that indicates comparison - "than."

For the time being, just remember that "then" relates to a time.

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Change of Focus

Initially, this blog was created as part of my editorial and content creation presence.

Some changes occurred on another site. In typical form, decisions were made quickly and without plans. Now, with the benefit of time and more vision, this blog is returning to its original purpose. After this message is posted, I'll be taking steps to ascertain whether I can link this blog with the Facebook page that was created in August.

Where will you find the health and transportation news that was beginning to be posted here? Once that detail is worked out, I'll post the answer in a Comment to this post.

Thanks for being with me.

Now let's get back to talking about grammar, punctuation, editing, content creation, grabbing a reader's attention.

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